November Light, Port Stanley

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San Juan Islands

Painted en plein air in late afternoon light from the beach about a 1/4 mile from Port Stanley. This is the oldest "neighborhood" on Lopez Ilsand, with many of the distant houses dating back to the 1880's, There was a kelp harvesting plant here over 100 years ago during WWI when they were using kelp by-products to make gunpowder during WWI. Thank God the war ended before they harvested all the kelp in the San Juan Islands or we would still be "recovering" from that as well.

The little red roof in the far distance (on the left)  is the only visible remnant of the old kelp harvesting plant. The roof still covers a very large concrete fuel tank building now used as a private storage shed. A dock that ran out into the bay about one mile, is gone as well.

What remains beyond the old houses is the beauty of the San Juan Islands in full fall color against the deep blue greens of the water.

Framed in premium wide wood molding and Optium Museum Acrylic Glazing, the finest (and most expensive) archival glazing on the planet.

Name November Light, Port Stanley
Date Painted Nov 08 2023
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 19h x 22w in. framed
Framed Yes