Perpetual Motion

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River Water in Motion
I love the almost abstract patterns that moving water makes. Keeping the translucency of the water in order to view the bottom and river rock, with no reference to a horizon was the challenge. This circular canvas can be rotated 360 degrees to create a totally new view. The diameter is 37", with a 2'' raised beveled edge, on the stretched Belgian linen canvas, that serves as the "frame" for this painting. The painting you see here, was photographed on a warm colored gallery wall and is perfectly round, not a circle within a frame, as my web page view is showing. The armature that makes it uniquely round, has an inner circle (plywood) that allows the painting to be rotated easily on a single hangar (nail) in the wall.
Name Perpetual Motion
Date Painted Dec 15 2017
Medium Oil paint
Dimensions 37h x 37w in. framed
Framed Yes