Living on the edge

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Farm Fields San Juan Islands label

The freshly mown hay fields in the San Juan Islands sometimes provide beauriful curvilinear patterns that catch the light in a contemplative way that underscores "living on the edge". Both physically & metaphoriocally, that's what life on an island provides in so many ways! We're surrounded by water and somewhat insulated ftom the world of nasty, evil and appalling events occuring with increasing regularity over on the "mainland".

People ask "why would you want to ever live on a remote island?" As I come up on 50 years out here, with some real-time experience, I have one answer. "Why would you ever NOT want to live on a beautiful island"?

Name Living on the edge
Date Painted Jun 14 2023
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 16h x 12w in. unframed
Framed No