Malecon Afueres I



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The Malecon Seawall is a 120 year old Havana icon that stretches about 4 1/2 miles along the north side of the city. It's also know as the world's longest sofa, as nearly everyone in the city uses it for social gatherings, to stroll, swim, fish and hang-out together, play music, etc. A marathon was being run along here the week were in Cuba during the historic "Paint Cuba" trip with 78 other artists from the U.S., invited by the publisher of Plein Air Magazine, B. Eric Rhoads to paint in Cuba, February 2016. This was my last plein air painting done in the Vedado Neighborhood of Havana, with the main city 5 miles away, just starting to show itself against a bright sunrise. I loved how the low tide made it possible for me to get right along the outer edge of the wall to set up my easel. At high tide, the water splashes so high over the roadway, it causes traffic to be re-routed. This site is directly across the street form the U.S. embassy, where we rented an apartment for a few extra days to stay and paint.

Name Malecon Afueres I
Date Painted Feb 15 2016
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 15h x 18w in. framed
Framed Yes