Iceberg Point Respite

Painted in early November 2017, just in front of the monument, on a warm sunny day. Rare weather! This is one of the very few spots on Iceberg Point, where one could tuck-in out of the wind/rain between the two rocks and the dwarfed fir trees, sculpted by decades, perhaps a couple hundred years of big wind coming off the water . . . just think about that, for a minute! A little gift from the last glaciers are the two huge rocks, left thousands of years ago, for all to ponder as well as create a haven for trees. Nature hard at work. These places suck me in like a vortex out of the Twilight Zone!

Name Iceberg Point Respite
Date Painted Nov 06 2017
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 9h x 12w in. unframed
Framed No