Portland Head Lighthouse



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Coastal Eastern United States
This lighthouse has undoubtedly been painted 1000's of times and photographed even more. When I walked around the corner and saw the buildings and light conditions, I really forgot about all that and just set-up to paint. The surf was raging that afternoon. Two empty and overturned kayaks were found below on the beach while Coast Guard helicopters flew search patterns. It underscored the power of that surf, especially where water meets rocks at the edge of 12 foot swells. It's also one of the reasons lighthouses were built where they still stand today . . . to warn mariners offshore of imminent danger lurking exactly at those spots... definitely not a play ground. Maine has the most incredible lighthouses I've seen anywhere in the world and the Atlantic casts nearly liquid light, mixing warm and cool colors in the late autumn afternoons. Gifted to Aaron Hill
Name Portland Head Lighthouse
Date Painted Oct 12 2006
Medium Pastel
Framed No