Morning Entrada, Sweet Grass Farm



This field about a mile east of Port Stanley School belongs to Scott Meyer and Brigit Waring, who have been raising pure bred Wagyu Beef on Lopez Island for the past two decades. I have driven by on a more distant road for 4 decades but never had the chance to really get into the middle of these fields, until now. On July 30, 2020, I was allowed early morning access from Scott and Brigit's farmhouse on Bakerview Road, via a road that winds through the distant Douglas Fir trees seen in the background of this painting and emerges through a gate and path to this sun-struck field. Simply put, it is STUNNING - hence the operatic word "Entrada" that I used in the title. An added bonus was the more distant marine layers of morning fog that often permeate our whole island against sunlit passages in the open fields. It is like magic when these light conditions appear and always makes me feel blessed to be there and catch that in my paintings. No matter how many hay fields I paint, each holds a story worth telling . . . and this one was all about the light and drama that sets things in motion, as well as the peaceful feel that Scott describes about their farm.
Name Morning Entrada, Sweet Grass Farm
Date Painted Jul 30 2020
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 20h x 26w in. framed
Framed Yes