Cojimar Marina, Havana



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This marina was where Earnest Hemingway kept his boat and believe me, the boats down there all go back to the 1940's & 50's. This was done on a historical trip to Cuba, with B. Eric Rhoads and 78 other artists from the U.S. as part of the "Plein Air Magazine" publisher's invitational "Paint Cuba", February 2016. President Obama and the pope had re-negotiated with the Cuban government to allow U.s. visitors into the country for the first time since 1959! We all took advantage of that window of time (which under the Trump administration is now "closed" again) and painted for one week all over Havana. Many of the artists came up to me at the impromptu art opening at our hotel in Havana the last night and said "You really nailed the hot colors and flavor of Cuba, with this painting". I would agree and also hope to go back again someday to paint at this little foot bridge over the waterway to the protected part of that marina.
Name Cojimar Marina, Havana
Date Painted Feb 05 2016
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 18h x 21w in. framed
Framed Yes