Sucia Moorage

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Boats San Juan Islands

Painted at Sucia Island, September 22, 2023 on a Friends of the San Juan Islands boat tour from Lopez Island. Loved the distant light cast across the water from marine layers that gave this spot a feeling of total peace. Sucia Island State Park is a treasure trove of beautiful geography with mixed sandstone and hard limestone rock forming nearly 9 miles of shoreline in only 500 acres of landmass jutting into the water in narrow fjord-like coves. It looks like a human hand on the charts, held open with the thumb at top and four fingers connected that form a welcoming entrance.

I have gifted this painting to the Friends of the San Juan Islands as a personal thank you for all they do to preserve our shorelines and natural environments in the San Juan Islands.

Friends of the San Juans was founded in 1979 to support San Juan County's efforts to manage growth and protect natural environments.

Name Sucia Moorage
Date Painted Sep 22 2023
Medium Pastel
Dimensions 19h x 22w in. framed
Framed Yes