Stephanie's Field

This field has always given me surprises, when I get the opportunity to paint the bales in the summer. The late afternoon light is always warm and inviting, especially when the hay bales are stacked and rolled. It's a place I've painted many times and has become an iconic spot within a half mile of Lopez Village to just take it all in. Bicyclists on the road behind me, seeing it for the first time, would gasp and say "OMG!!" Look at that!! When you really evaluate the whole thing about this remote and beautiful island, there are several other spots like this . . . and hopefully they will remain intact as the rural oasis landmarks they have become. But nothing has ever been more surprising for me, than meeting the new owner (see painting title) who stopped-by while I was working to observe this painting-in-progress. She informed me that she had purchased this field to simply preserve this incredible view for everyone and was just revisiting the island yesterday, when we met totally by chance out there. It should be noted that the farm buildings below are on a different parcel, which has also just sold to new owners. All of it together, used to be called T.J. Blake's place. Stephanie, (and Douglas) you are truly modern-day heroes!
Name Stephanie's Field
Date Painted Jul 18 2020
Medium Pastel
Framed Yes