My 3rd On-Line Virtual Pastel Painting Workshop September 9 & 10th

Online Workshop
When: Wed, September 09, 2020 - Thu, September 10, 2020


Join me for 2 sessions, 3 hours each in a virtual, live, moderated workshop with French Escapade (Jackie Grandchamps) as we paint water-in-motion or water/boats in fog along the Carmel/Monterey coastal area. I provide the reference photos and do a live demo as you paint-along, step-by-step and in an easy to follow format from your own home or studio.

Painting water is actually quite easy-to-do when you understand the basic structure and steps to use by color-layering and varying the strokes to create a sense of motion in pastels!

Check the link for the full description and to see samples of my plein air work specifically from that area, over the course of 6 Carmel Art Festival Invitational events that I've participated in over the past 10 years. Get signed-up with French Escapade while you're there and "I'll see you in September" from my easel to yours!